Formatting xml in emacs

I had this problem of debugging some xml but when reading the output of some log4j it was almost impossible to read so I needed some way of prettifying the xml quickly. For this example I have the following xml: So how do we pretify this in emacs? Well the first thing to do is […]

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NioSax – Sax style xml parser for Java NIO

NioSax (pronounced ‘Neo-Sax’) provides a Java NIO friendly XML push parser similar in operation to SAX. Unlike SAX, with NioSax it is possible for the xml source to contain partial content (i.e. only part of the XML stream has been received over the network). When this occurs, instead of failing with an error, NioSax simply stops. As soon as your application receives more data you simply call the same instance of the parser again and it will resume parsing where it left off.

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Using JAXB to marshall XMPP

Back in late 2008, one of the original design goals for the rewrite of my retepXMPP project was to use JAXB for handling the marshalling of XMPP Stanzas into POJO’s. The main ideas behind this was to standardise against the XMPP schemas available online and to make the addition of further protocols easier – mainly […]

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